Engraved wood or marquetry handle
Wine Waiter's Laguiole Coursolle
knife with engraving
knife with engraving
wood marquetry
Aluminium Wine Waiter
Laguiole Coursolle

True to its tradition of knives with a theme, Couperier Coursolle has decorated the wooden handles of its Laguiole knives with scenes from nature, with detailing as fine as the finish of all the other products bearing the company's name.

Couperier Coursolle

32, rue Jean Jaurès 63550 St REMY SUR DUROLLE
Tél : - Fax : e-mail : couperier.coursolle@wanadoo.fr

Leopard tortoiseshell wood marquetry
Wooden handle with wild boar engraving
Wine Waiter's 12cm - 3 pieces (knife blade + corkscrew + lever) - Aluminium handle.
Wooden handle with engraving
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Wine waiter
Wine waiter's 12cm - 3 pieces (knife blade + corkscrew + lever) - stainless steel bolster - Light horn tip handle - delivered in a case.
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