Couperier CoursolleThree million years ago our ancestors used obsidian, followed at around 500,000 B.C. by flints which they chipped to shape.

Since then man has constantly endeavoured to find better materials and techniques. The area around Thiers is an excellent example, for it has been exporting its skills in cutlery making for over five hundred years.

Today traditional skills need to adapt to a changing world and put intelligent creativity at the service of the new millennium.


Phénix knifeCOUPERIER COURSOLLE cutlery makers continue to keep the traditional quality alive with the folding knife known as the "Coursolle", while at the same time creating new lines such as the "Custom" made Thiers and Laguiole.

The most recent creation is the "Phénix", where high technology and superb design combine to produce a knife bound to appeal to those who love beautiful objects.


Couperier Coursolle
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