A look back on the past
In 1902 Léon COURSOLLE imagined a new kind of knife in which the handle took the shape of a beautiful carving set in brass. He became the French specialist in figurative knives..

In 1945 Monsieur Antonin COUPERIER was a cutlery maker, specialising in the production of folding knives.

His son Fernand COUPERIER joined him in 1947 and specialised in producing knife blanks.

Antonin COUPERIER retired in 1965 leaving the business to his son, who carried on managing the business on his own.

In 1968 came the purchase of the COURSOLLE company, founded at the beginning of the century. Production of the famous Coursolle folding knives was continued, with the characteristic solid brass sculpted handle.

Jean-Marc COUPERIER took on the family business in 1988, and while carrying on with the "Coursolle", developed new products all with the distinctive, solid brass work for which COUPERIER COURSOLLE have been known for years.

Creation for the COUTELLIA show, the "Laguiole COURSOLLE" in solid sculpted brass.

The "Thiers", the fruit of the combined efforts of a whole profession, bears the name of its birthplace, the cutlery capital..

Couperier-Coursolle gives its distinctive mark to the pure lines of this new knife by endowing it with its famous embossed brass plates and intricately worked bas-reliefs.
The "Thiers" is consequently a true collector's piece, recognisable at a glance.


Now comes the latest addition to the family, the "Phénix", made in collaboration with Cutlery Artist Yves BELLEIN, a knife with many variations (cigar cutter, cheese probe, shackle remover, table knife, etc.) destined for discerning collectors.

Couperier Coursolle

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