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The knife you are holding was once raw metal. Many hours of work were needed to turn it into this perfect piece.

This is a craft production process from beginning to end, guaranteeing a superb finish at every stage (grinding, heat treatments, polishing etc).

Over one hundred different operations went into its making, all carried out by specialised craftsmen.

"Le Phénix" knife
Le Phénix

Hand finishing and individual inspection is the rule for every piece.

The Phénix was the brain-child of Cutlery Artist Yves BELLEIN, its designer. He endowed it with the highly technical yet pure lines which he usually brings to the unique items he creates for discerning collectors.

The Phénix comes in a variety of multifunction versions, comprising one or two pieces. The handle may be wooden, metal or horn, depending on the model. All the component parts are made of stainless steel.

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"Le Phénix" knife
"Le Phénix" knife
"Le Phénix" knife
couteau "Le Phénix"
"Le Phénix" knife